Apologies to my blog

I owe blogging an apology. I try and try and try again but somehow can not commit.

My first blog is a family blog, started after I was married in order to share what was going on in our lives as well as share photos. I update this maybe once every 3 months and half-heartedly at that.

My second blog was started as a new years resolution to write more. I’m an English major slinging coffee so besides reading an indescribable¬†amount of books I needed to keep my craft in check. This was a fail because the blog became less about writing and more about baby. I guess babies do that to you, they take over your life.

This is number 3 (3rd times a charm right?). And maybe it’s the formatting that WordPress offers that has made me try yet again…my other blogs are on blogger, which is good for following other blogs, not so good for your own. Here on WordPress I strangely feel like “hey! this shoe fits!” and I’m going to try to wear it.

Anygay. I’ve also been newly inspired these past few months. Mostly by reading other blogs:

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is an extremely inspiring woman who can seem to not only do it all but do it with a sly sense of humor. Also, her recipes are easy and delicious. I think I want her life, cows, dogs the prairie, all of it.

Dooce.com Is another go-to blog of mine. She’s also a mom, with a great sense of humor and amazing photography skills but I think I keep getting drawn to her because she is so relatable. I was first enticed by her blog because she is an ex-mormon and when I hear that someone is an ex-mormon I am intrigued and, well, happy! (I have absolutely no issue with mormons only with their religion)…(another note, they tried to spell check mormons to morons).

Another momblog, The Bloggess, is abrasive and hilarious! Really, I’ve tried to share stories from this blog but end up laughing and not finishing my sentences therefore making absolutely no sense in the end, so read it for yourselves! It should be noted that this is a drinking/swearing mom. Normally swearing repulses me but when it just seems natural not only does it work but it helps the punchline.

A inspiration closer to home is my real-life-friend Kristilyn’s blog, Simple Life of a Girl. Kristilyn is a very honest, very hardworking and very smart woman who I am lucky enough to know. We also attended the same school so you could argue that we have the same education although she’s probably much smarter than I am (hey at least I used the right “than” then). I truly love her honest outlook on life… and the layout of her blog brought me to WordPress…

So there you go. A quick glimpse into the majority of my blogging life. There are a few others I fallow, craft blogs, lifestyle blogs and some Christian blogs but these are my go to’s when I have a free minute. Oh and this one too, hope I keep it up!

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