Annoyances (grace is a 4-letter word)

I’m a forgive and forget kind of girl. Somethings get to me more than others though. Here are my recent pet peeves that I do hope to overcome:

1. Poetry. I get it, you’re confused and angsty. Life keeps tossing you and your emotions around and this creates a beautiful art out of the tips of your fingers. Riiiiiight. Unless your name is Milton or Voltaire I feel like I’m waisting my time looking at your words and in the end, I just feel sorry for you and think about suggesting that you may need antidepressants. [Also, blog writers have too many opinions 🙂 ]

2. People that think their animals are actually people. I love puppies and kittens as much as the next person and I will cuddle the crap out of a cute dog but your animal is still an animal. Your pet does not get a preference over a human, I don’ t need to see constant photo’s of your pet (they make the exact same face in every photo) and I am NOT buying your pet a Christmas gift. I just don’t get it. Crazy cat/dog people are delusional. Your dog is a DOG not a baby!

3. People that lack in the integrity department. Whether it’s stealing, lying or just being lazy I am annoyed. For some reason my parents raised me with an overly healthy amount of guilt and an equally hefty idea of what it is to be responsible. . . I thought all grown-ups where instilled with this and that those who did wrong knew it and where just able to cope with this on their conscience. I was so very wrong. Most adults have a sever lack in the area of being a responsible citizen and I see it all around me. What can I do? I try desperately to receive God’s grace and to let it guide me in these situations. This is my number one pet peeve and it can literally make my blood hot. I find myself searching for good in those that anger me and when my stubbornness or blindness fails me I just feel sorry for them—but still mad! Ugh. The only real grace I have in this area is that I am able to start every day with the attitude that it is a new day and while sometimes I hold a grudge in the back of my mind, I am constantly aware of that grudge and always looking to move towards forgiveness.

4. Lastly, and lightly: I’ve been cooking. A lot. Some meals with recipe, some are originals and the best reaction I get from my husband is “it’s good.” I’m about to go on a cooking strike. If I can’t get a “great!” than he can cook! Well, he loved the scones… I’ll give it a few more tries for now.

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