music and memories





Having a toddler is so magical and tiring. We get so many comments about how active our little dude is but I wouldn’t have him any other way. Sure he looks cute and inquisitive here, but within 2 minutes of this photo we got in trouble by a member of the Phoenix Children’s Museum because we let him use the mallets on the drum next to this xylophone because other kids might want to play the xylophone. I politely rolled my eyes and complied incase any of the invisible children around us wanted a turn. The gentleman obviously did not understand that this was a play place for children but I also have room for improvement in teaching my child. 

It’s hard to understand just what exactly a toddler can and can not handle. I struggle with if I’m disciplining him enough or if he even is fully aware of consequences. He does on occasion, he knows that turning the tv off while looking us square in the eye is going to result in a time out, but does he doesn’t fully get the world around him because he’s only 19 months old. I pray that I don’t squash who he is and still nurture a sense of respect and discipline but that will come more as he grows. for now we will enjoy all the play time we can handle.



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