I’ve had many ideas running in my head about what I wanted to share: recipes learned from my grandmother, thoughts on having a toddler, thoughts on being pregnant and parenting in general, different projects going on in our house (sewing, wood working or actually fixing, and racing). But I either don’t have the time or I fall asleep when I do have the time.

During some down time this afternoon, in between my mops group and work I was able to catch up a little on the blogs I love and came across a great idea that I can actually fallow. The inspiration comes from bluebird where she is taking one portrait of her children once a week for a year. This isn’t nearly as strenuous as the 365 project (I think I made it 2 weeks with that one) and it’s going to be a great way to document my sons second year and the arrival of our second baby. PLUS I don’t have to do a lot of work while still having to log onto here.

So here you go.



This is a little different for me, I have exactly 5 belly photos from my first pregnancy so I’m really trying to document this one more. Here is today, 4 1/2 months. Maybe at some point I will be more creative a’la pintrest but for now you get a dirtyish mirror and the only photo I took.

 1/22/2013 Harper and his dirty face. He’s watching Cars2 and eating his favorite snack, an apple, giving me some quiet time. 16weeks pregnant

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