Week 6

My little 2 year old “spirited” child enjoying the park all to himself. I guess no one else wanted to play on a sunny 30degree day.


Lazy baby at 21 weeks gestation. Moving all the time but still more gentle than his/her big brother. Feeling fantastic despite my ear infection. Growing babies is amazing, I love it.


Lazy baby has started dancing lately, meaning I can see movement from the outside. I had my shirt up watching it today and Mr.H thought it was an awesome race track. He never once missed my belly button. I think he will love having a sibling.



Week 5

Sorry, again. It’s been a busy, sick, tiring week. No excuses, sorry. I did take pictures on tuesday but I never found the time to put them up because I either had Harper on my lap or wanted to go to bed. I want to go to bed now.

So, here is my 2 year old! If you ask him how old he is he will throw up his hands like Nixon but holding up one finger per hand instead of a peace sign and proclaim “two” very definitively. We love making him do it, he doesn’t always do it. I was folding clothes on the bed and decided it was a good picture time. He actually sat still, said “cheese” then jumped to my side so he could see the camera screen. From there he proclaimed “wow” very quietly (his new favorite word) and tried to swipe the screen. Love my tech savvy kid.


so, here’s Lazy Baby at 20 weeks. Normally I hate bare skin photos and you hopefully won’t see another of me but my stomach has been extra square lately and you couldn’t really see it with my shirt. Again sorry for the bareness, sorry that it’s not a crazy ultrasound pic again but instead an iphone pic, I was even too lazy to pic up my camera . hoping that there will be no more actual pictures of Lazy Baby until his/her birthday (and then no promises on limiting).


Week 4

It’s been a long week. Harper has been battling the flu which means we spend a ton of time cuddling on the couch. I can’t really complain but not much has been done around the house. His fever finally broke for good today so I can now put these pictures up. And yes, they were still taken on tuesday, so I’m still keeping up- just not getting up. So here is sick baby Harper in his last week (and last photo) as a 1 year old.


I know I’m biased but this kid could be a little model.

And here is baby 2 up close and personal. 19 week check went really well, 9oz baby, measuring perfectly on time, I swear the fetus is surprisingly cute, even the tech made multiple comments on how cute the face was. We don’t know what the sex is but I tried to see it/guess it the entire time. At one point the tech had a full potty shot going while measuring the femur and I saw either balls or girl parts (no penis) so I’m still clueless as ever. Oh and I have an anterior placenta so that’s why this baby feels so lazy compared to Harper, all front movements are muffled (although I did get a sharp kick over Chad’s semi reckless driving). Everything looked really great, saw the OB instead of the midwife, she said I’ve only gained 6 lbs so far and I get to skip the glucose test. HA! So all you other pregnant people out there enjoy your diabetes drink, I’ll stick to water.

Scary skull of super cute baby.


Harper’s sibiling. They do look a lot alike.

Week 3

A little late, Tuesday was way too busy for us, it happens.

Here is Harper in all his glory. Annie-o’s for lunch means a bath directly after. I probably will never buy these again. He thinks it’s funny to try and touch me when he’s this messy. It’s not really funny.
















Lazy baby at 18 weeks. Yes, a lot bigger than last week. That might have happened overnight.

We call this lazy baby only because compared to Harper any baby is (hopefully) lazier.

Also, I’ll get my husband to help with photo’s. I just usually do this when he’s at school.








bets are this kid will be bigger than the last