Week 12

SNOW DAY in freaking April. Kinda sucks but my Harpster loves it. Right now we are staying in Silver City, SD in one of the cabins my awesome aunt and uncle own, Happy Trails Cabins. It’s amazingly peaceful and beautiful here and we are very blessed to have this experience while we are between homes and that experience has come with a full fledged snow storm. This spring snow storm was even able to include me in the scariest drive of my life filled with hills, hairpin turns, slick roads and 5ft visability. But now that we are all safe and warm in our nice cabin we took some time to play in the snow as Harper gets cabin fever terribly and between it being cold out and his mom already packing up the majority of his winter clothes we couldn’t stay outside for long so a drive it was!




I hope to put a pic of Lazy Baby up eventually especially to celebrate entering the third trimester (no joke it’s gone by fast). I haven’t taken a picture yet but hopefully we will get around to it before next Tues.

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