Willem’s birth (short version)


Taking a look


I’ll start with Thursday. Thursday afternoon I had what I thought would be my last appointment at the OB when I found out I was wrong and they couldn’t fit me in for an induction until the fallowing Friday (when I would be 42weeks and 3 days pregnant) I cried all the way home and then some. The next afternoon my midwife called me back and said they could fit me in that Tuesday after all, that was all I needed to relax. I was ok with waiting and prayed to go into labor spontaneously but needed a line drawn at some point.

At about 6:45 my water started to break, I had been wondering if it was leaking throughout the day but wrote it off as it didn’t matter anyway.  At 8 we checked in at the hospital, leaked all over the ER and down the hallway and finally was hooked up to the monitors for the mandatory 20minutes. When every thing checked out and I had answered all their questions I was allowed to do whatever I pleased. Contractions picked up at that point. I spent a decent amount of time in the shower and leaning over my bed until they had to monitor me again. My doctor stopped in to check me (about 10pm) because my contractions were closer and stronger. It was very disappointing to hear 4-5 because I felt like my body was doing more. I headed back into the shower where the contractions started to pile on each other. I’d have 2 or 3 back to back and then a minute break. Once I finally got the nerve to get out of the shower I was only able to put my skirt back on and run to the bed before they started coming again. I hugged the back of my bed (it was in sitting position) and had Chad call the nurse while he was pushing on my back. At this point a lab tech was next to me wanting to take my blood. I wouldn’t let her while I was contracting and unfortunately for her I kept contracting. Who does that by the way? She eventually got her blood but come on! Was it really that important then? NO!

Anyway, I told my nurse I wanted drugs and I wanted them now. She coached me to keep breathing, and tried to hand monitor my contractions as I leaned over. I squeezed the back of my bed and tried to focus on my breathing. Every single contraction started with me yelling and every time I was able to turn and focus on my breathing instead: very fast and strong “horse” breathing thank you Ina May and yoga. I told her again I needed a break and she told me I was “coupling” or in transistion. She asked if she could check me, I agreed but refused to move positions. I was at 8cm. She went out at grabbed the meds but as soon as she returned I informed her that I wanted to push, she said no because my cervix would swell and baby wouldn’t come out. I told her he’s already coming I could feel him. Sure enough, I was complete and baby was on his way!

I had to wait to push which is the most horrible torture I’ve ever been through. For some reason they insisted I wait for my doctor who “lived very close.” I yelled, breathed, squeezed and bit (only once) Chad’s hand through 2 more contractions before my doctor finally arrived.

Once she was there they broke down the bed and let me push. It was amazing. I’ve read many birth stories and I now know for myself what an amazing relief it is to be able to push, one of the most incredible things my body has experienced.

Within 10-15 minutes our second son was born into his father’s hands (Chad even had to do some maneuvering to get his huge shoulders out). Willem was immediately placed on me and stayed there for the next 2 hours. No one was in a hurry, we waited for the chord to stop pulsing, Chad eventually cut it. The nurses and doctor talked about how big he was, I pondered his name and Willem rooted around. It wasn’t until I mentioned I was ready to shower that they called the nursery nurse in to do his stats.

My doctor was incredible in not only letting me do what my body wanted to do but also coaching me on when to slow down and thanks to her I’ve had a beyond amazing recovery. My nurse was wonderful for getting me through that last part of labor without drugs, even though I really begged for them, luckily there wasn’t enough time and I was well coached. And of course, I could not have gone through that without Chad by my side, he was there for me every step of the way, even letting me bite him when I needed.

Willem has been a great addition to our house, his brother smothers him in kisses and he puts up with it. We are working on sleeping but it’s a small sacrifice we are willing to make.  So far being a family of 4 has been a smooth transition and I am loving my boys more than ever as we are continuously molded as a family.

you might be saying now, that wasn’t a very short version, but really… I left out a lot of small details that I will put in the long version, which is pretty much just for me.

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