You’re doing (and did) a good job

Why are we so concerned how others raise and make decisions for their children? It is absolutely none of our business if your neighbor gives her 4 month old rice cereal. That child is not in any clear and present danger, let the mother be. Here’s what I’m talking about.
1. Breast v formula where no one wins: I breast fed Harper until he was 19 months old and I have exclusively breast fed Willem (meaning that’s all he’s ever had). This does not identify me as a mother. What is a challenging, heart wrenching, nearly impossible hurdle for some moms is just my second nature. I’ve not had a single issue with breast feeding so I can not relate to the many moms that do. I breast feed because it’s easy, no dishes, no prep, highly portable, and yes it’s great for baby but the big picture is IT’S FREE. So besides the price and awful taste I think formula is great, I was fed formula as a baby and not only am I ridiculously healthy I’m also super smart.
2. Crying it out.
Now on this one studies have shown that crying it out before 6 months of age can be detrimental on a babies brain. It will not ruin them but it can cause harm. Yet, if that baby is screaming his or her head off and the only parent home I would much rather see that parent walk outside and take a breath and leave the baby to scream. We don’t know what they are going through emotionally, mentally or physically, the baby or the parent here, so we shouldn’t judge. Moms and dads you do what you need to in order to be productive members of society yourselves! Though I’m no scientist but my parents let me cry it out and besides a few reoccurring abandonment nightmares growing up I’m still ridiculously healthy, super smart and very well adjusted.

My point is you make the decisions fit your kids and your lifestyle and stop reading stupid posts in how to raise other peoples kids.
There are other things, so many other things, but don’t worry.

If you decide to stay home with your kids you’re doing it right.
If you work full time, you’re doing it right.
If you put your babies in bumbos, jumpers and exersaucers you’re doing it right.
If you put your baby in front of the tv for some extra time of not holding or entertaining your kid, you’re doing it right.
If your kid doesn’t watch tv until he or she is 5, you’re doing it right.
If you start introducing foods at 4 months you’re doing it right.
If you introduce foods at 10 months, you’re doing it right.
If you sleep with baby in your room, you’re doing it right.
If baby has been in their crib since day 1, you’re doing it right.
If you make your kids lunch, you’re doing it right.
If you give your kids money for school lunch, your doing it right.
Feed them. Cloth them. Love them. You’re doing it right.

As my vaccinated cloth diapered baby sleeps on me I know I did it just as right as the unvaccinated sposie mom across the aisle did.


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