Random Memory: the liquor store

here’s a random memory for you:

I remember the wonder and excitement of Santa. Not really, I was actually thinking the liquor store. No joke. I was filled with wonder over the walls of colorful glass bottles that were strictly forbidden for me to taste or touch. It’s the adult wonderland that you only gain access to while holding tightly to a parents hand.

One of my earliest memories of my childhood is that of my dad taking me into the liquor store, specifically one called Super Duper Liquor. Before we went in he made it extremely clear to me that I was not to run, jump or make any sudden movements and if I were to touch anything on the shelves I would be met with a quick and severe punishment. Walking rows and rows with such colorful glass, photos and labels I could only dream what these magic potions would taste like, far better than Kool-Aid I assumed (years later I found out I was right). It was a forbidden wonderland that I felt so privileged to enter. Even when we ran in for a quick gallon milk in the super market I would eyeball the door that led into the liquor store just hoping we would wander over once we checked out. After picking out a case of beer or bottle of wine we would go to the counter. I remember the 80’s shade of fabricated wood on the counter, the selection of scratcher tickets hanging on the rolls, cheap mints and gums on a rack on the side. A nice lady with a perm and too much blush would ring my dad up while I hung on the lip of the counter and we would leave. If I was lucky we would hang out in the truck in the parking lot for a minute, each of us scratching the scratcher tickets and my dad would head back in to get the $1 or $3 I won with mine.

Funny the things you remember from childhood. Now liquor stores aren’t usually as glamorous for me but I still look forward to stopping in and picking out something new or picking up a quick favorite. I look forward to making memories with my kids so I thought of my childhood when I recently stopped at Smith’s Liquor (my current favorite store) for some Shiner Cheer and to see if they had any Frambozen from New Belgium Brewery yet… they didn’t and Willem wasn’t into it either.

Sometimes it’s kind of funny to push your good memories onto your kids. Sorry Willem! Maybe he’s just too young, I’ll wait a few more years if I can help it before I take him in again.

Willem is unimpressed with the liquor store

Willem is unimpressed with the liquor store

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