To Do in 2014

I love new starts and new years. This is the first year that I’m not waiting for something (like a baby or a move). It’s great to focus on the little things instead of anticipating huge life changers. I’ve noticed that since New Years Day I’ve already looking forward to and planning my summer… we still have 3-5 months of winter left. So, while I don’t believe in resolutions (because it sounds like resolve and my life is not a problem) I do have a to-do list that I’d like to put down for accountability and to help me remember.

1. I want to spend more time with my kids. This sounds so vanilla so let me specify. I want to have more projects, outings and specific memories made with my kids. I want to take Harper to art classes and fishing in the creek. I want to take Willem swimming for his first time and hike the Flume Trail with him on my back. I’ve always spent time with my kids, right now Harper and I are cuddling in bed while he watches Rescue Bots which I would consider quality time considering our weather is being described as “arctic” right now but it’s not exactly memory making. This might not sound that hard to many people but to this homebody with a spirited toddler it’s going to really take some gumption on my part.

2. I want to drink more water. It is my life force! I was so good at drinking at least 100oz per day while pregnant and now I’m lucky to get 60oz on average. I’d rather grab another cup of coffee which really adds up to a lot of coffee and a little amount of water. Time to get back to the good stuff especially since I’m still nursing Willem and need to stay hydrated for the both of us. Not to mention being well hydrated is good for your skin and overall health.

3. I want to have a hearty garden. This one is more fun but will be a lot of hard work. I’m really looking forward to weeding, planting, watering, cleaning and eating what I grow myself. Last year I basically threw seeds in the ground this year I am planning what I want and how to make it as successful as possible. I am so excited about this I’m already compiling my list of seeds to buy.

I have a few other smaller things. I want to get the rest of the trees picked up (from our snow storm). I want to make kombutcha and other experiments, make more dinners, eat at the table more (doesn’t happen when I’m not home for dinner 5 nights a week), find a table to re-finish for the kitchen, keep my house cleaner, get rid of baby stuff we don’t need/use and spend less.

Hopefully this year brings many more hugs and kisses and amazing memories with my little family. I have a good feeling about 2014, it’s our year to grow together (not in numbers, thank God). Happy 2014!

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