To be Three


Our spring has really been just an extension of winter with a few warm days tossed in just to make ache for summer. Saturday was one of those warm days. As soon as I was home Harper and I took to the outdoors for a walk. Our walk really just consisted of going to the church next door’s lot. We walked, we ran and I watched Harper jump in the biggest puddles he could find, I helped him to the highest point of the rock so he could jump off, and we went and threw rocks into the river (one of use might have peed in the river).

Three has already been a huge year for Harper. His vocabulary that was stunted at two now knows no bounds (luckily it isn’t the clearest fingers crossed he isn’t really saying shit as often as it sounds). Sure he’s whining more and learning his limits but he listens more and understands more and it’s wonderful to watch. He loves having things to do, chores, just yesterday he resisted eating right away to set the entire table for me. He fallows directions, something I wondered at times if he would ever be capable of.

Harper has a huge heart that comes out in almost every thing he does. He has empathy, shows kindness to kids that are sad or hurt, he does hurt others occasionally but will often offer up a hug or a kiss in apology (sometimes he needs coaxing from his parents but will fallow up with compassion all his own). Even at home with his brother he watches over him. As soon as Willem cries he looks around for me and calls for me to help Willem.

I hope this spring and summer holds so many blue skied days of me and my boys exploring our world. Throwing rocks in the creek, digging worms in the dirt, jumping off big rocks.
DSC_0188 DSC_0177 DSC_0190 DSC_0191

He pointed next to him and said "mama, sit"

He pointed next to him and said “mama, sit”

DSC_0194 DSC_0212

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