You win some, you lose some: Harper and his yoga journey


Disclaimer: Please forgive the grainy, poor iPhone photos. This was very impromptu experience and I was trying to document it the only way I could at the time.

Ever since the discover of my home yoga practice has really blossomed. I do some form daily, even if I don’t do an actual class I will still practice. Harper has seen me practice hundreds of times and knows not only what the mat is for but will roll it out and automatically assume down dog.

Today I started a quick (30 min) stretch session on Yogaglo. Normally my kids either jump on me or ignore me when I start, this time was no different until 5 minutes in when Harper went and got his own mat. First win. So I grab my phone on the desk behind me in order to maybe capture him following the positions. He did. After he ran to get his iPad because he could not find his phone… and I had a phone in my hand at the time. First lose.

IMG_1601 We will just call it Warrior 1 with weight. But then he started following along and wasn’t that bad.IMG_1603IMG_1607 win

I’ve been working on headstands a lot this week. Harper has been working on somersaults. 
IMG_1611 And as usual, this session was cut short because someone wanted a snack.IMG_1612

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