Easter isn’t Christmas

I was debating putting photos of the boys easter baskets up. The night before and the morning of Easter I browsed through Facebook and saw many “the easter bunny was here” and was convinced that they were confused with Santa Clause. Honestly I just felt sad about it, as a parent and as a christian. Are we now a society that shows how much we love our kids with what we buy them? Growing up my parents added a few gifts here and there in our baskets, I’d say it was 75% candy and 25% gift, maybe a new movie, cd or some make up. I made easter baskets for our boys and struggled to keep it simple. Harper (3) got some things from a Citrus Lane box (toy tools, cups and a book) that I got for free with a code then some dollar items from Target, a bubble gun and some underwear. Willem (9 months) got a new onsie, new shoes and Plum food pouches, puffs and teething crackers. Next year I hope to scale it down even more. My kids, most kids, are not expecting second Christmas on Easter. Easter is a day (as a child) that you stuff as much chocolate in your mouth before putting on the snazziest Sunday dress, complete with gloves, tights and patiently waiting for church to end so you can race all the other kids to find ALL the hard boiled eggs (how many did we hide again?).

So besides the gift craziness of Easter we kept it simple and memorable. This was Harper’s first easter where he knew exactly what was going on. He was meticulous in his egg dying (complete with crayon scribbles) and knew exactly what to look for in the egg hunt. It was magical. This was Willem’s first Easter and his 9 month birthday(?) he loves his baby chicks and was happy just to be held and passed around.

I’m working on having less and living more. When my kids are grown, even as they grow, I hope they look forward to holidays because it’s a time to get together with family and enjoy the day and each other and not look for what they might get. At the same time I know that they will look back and remember the fun they had and not what they received. Next year we will focus on what Easter really is, teaching Harper in particular what it meant when Jesus died for us and showing us how much he loves us and how we should love each other. Can’t take a shiny to bike to heaven anyway.
IMG_1939 IMG_1943 IMG_1947 IMG_1950
DSC_0153 DSC_0169 DSC_0171 DSC_0175


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