Vacation Pro Tips and Photos

Vacationing with young children can be hard. Especially when you are us. We don’t always plan things out we are fly by the seat of our pants kind of people- that being said we’ve learned a few things, here they are:

1. A set agenda isn’t all that bad. Try to include not only where you will be going that day but where you will be eating also. Nothing is worse than hungry children then hungry children with hungry parents. It’s a nightmare. Especially when you don’t know what you want or where it is. Plan ahead people, save hangry from happening.

2. Stay at a resort. They are more kid friendly and honestly with all the food and booze around they are also more parent friendly. I don’t feel bad about Harper making a tad more noise than normally, he gets to play in the pool, he can eat whenever he wants (seriously there is food everywhere) and mommy can get a drink whenever she needs one (a Sunshine wheat beer right now). This helps everyone. I’d also like to make a huge shoutout to Omni (where we are staying) for making it a great kid trip- they show kid movies on a screen at the pool after dark and drop off cookies and milk at your room for the kids, that’s pretty perfect to us. Also if mom and dad get really stressed out theres a spa and a killer work out room here.

3. Take a stroller you can steer with only one hand. This is a huge deal when you are trying to navigate a zoo on a Saturday while one hand is holding a beer, I mean ice cream cone. 

4. Bring lots of clothes for your kids because they are dirty and will spill, slobber or fall asleep and pee.

That’s all I have for now- Sorry for all the alcohol talk but I’m on vacation too so I’m not that sorry. Here are some great pictures from the Downtown Aquarium and the Denver Zoo before I take a drink up to my husband. (kind of nice that you have to come down to this awesome lobby to use wifi)


going to do photos and tags later because the hotel wifi is screwing with my uploads and the drink is screwing with everything else. xoxo

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