Catching up

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It’s been a long 2 weeks. Two weeks filled with errands, cleaning and swimming lesson filled days, 2 weeks of nights where I get so caught up in getting the kids to bed, cleaning the living room up, washing the dishes and finishing laundry loads to the point that when I finally sit down to my computer I forget what it is I wanted to look at, to write, to research and I end up mindlessly on Facebook. I don’t want to be mindlessly on Facebook, makes me hate Facebook.

All of that aside it’s been a blissful 2 weeks filled with diaper changes, kissing owies (doctor visits due to owies even), and of course indulging in some tv while my kids pin me down. My current choice is The Unit (via amazon instant video) which is just a more serious version of Army Wives with a spotty ongoing plot but a good variance in drama.

And then there’s the swimming lessons. Only 4 days a week for 2 weeks but as fun as it is it’s also pure torture. The photos are from Harper’s first day. He wasn’t afraid of getting in the water, no that wasn’t our issue, our issue was he didn’t want to hold on to the side and work on his kicks, he wanted to go down the slides. All of them. None of them were on but somehow he managed to get down the kiddy slide twice. Thank God Bridget came to save me and help with Willem (who is also not at all afraid of getting in the water). A week later and I’m fairly confident that Harper will not even be half way to doing all the things he should be doing, his dad and I will work with him on all the things to hopefully better prepare him, but he is having fun. I’m having fun too. He has learned that if I look at my phone that it is probably a good time to dart away from his class so he keeps me on my toes and focused on him. I’m loving the half hour that we are there, we only have 2 classes left and it will be bittersweet but I have more activities planned ahead.

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