Scary Story


Early before this morning, before the sun rose, I could hear Harper crying. It wasn’t too serious of a cry but I wanted to get to him. As I became more aware I tried to get Willem to let go of me, he nurses a lot in the early morning hours and I didn’t want both my children crying. I was able to work Willem off of me and walked out to find Harper crying in the kitchen! I had locked the baby gate with a dog leash (it clips it closed so Harper can’t lock or unlock it) and apparently he could squeeze past it to get in but now was unable to get back out. I still am clueless as to how or why he was in the kitchen. I took him back to bed where he wanted to sleep as close to me as possible. This wasn’t a big deal but the darn cat wouldn’t leave us alone. So I had to disturb everyone and throw the cat out of the room. I turned around and Harper was crying between me and the dresser, I bent down to console him asking him “what’s wrong bud? Why are you so sad?” and he just looked to his left, towards the ceiling and cried and pointed up at the ceiling.

I told him he was creepy and we went back to bed and to sleep.

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