Go to sleep little baby

I don’t think any parent has not had to deal with sleep issues. I’ve considered myself blessed that both Chad and I have been so easy going with Harper (he coslept until just passed 2 then we still cuddled him to sleep for another month) even with Willem, who was a different sleeper. I don’t think I ever had more than 3 sleepless nights with each boy in infancy.
Tonight was a long night.
Willem has been sleeping so well in his crib. I’ve been trying to move his bedtime up success in going from 8:30-9ish to 8pm, it really felt too easy.
Tonight he fell asleep at 7. When he woke up again at 8:30 he was tired but refused to stay asleep if I left the room.
I walk out the door. He cries. I walk back in. He lays down.
If I stay out of his room he screams. He finally fell asleep around 11:30.
I’m mentally exhausted and my night has “gone to pot” I’m not sure what that saying means but I know the context.
I even read him Brothers Grimm. He pretended to be asleep until I walked out.

Here’s hoping he will sleep through the night although I hear him crying now.

I'm too afraid to take a photo of him in his crib. Here's a morning nap instead.

I’m too afraid to take a photo of him in his crib. Here’s a morning nap instead.

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