Don’t Watch Munich at 2pm on a Sunday


Random but cute photo. Sorry, not sorry.

“Pew Pew Pew” Harper shoots at me. After which I do not pretend to die but instead turn off the movie I was watching, Munich. He shot me after soldiers where shooting at terrorist in a bloody but dark battle in the movie. Not the best choice for a mid-day movie with impressionable kids around but I’m not a mom that wants to sit and watch The Wiggles with them *though I do enjoy singing with The Wiggles*.

Motherhood is filled with fun mistakes that might scar mentally and/or physically those that we love so much.

Willem has learned that if he hits his brother he then has to apologize with a hug. Now he basically walks up to Harper and it goes like this: hit, hit, hug. Basically he has learned that as long as he hugs he can hurt. Oh boy. My disciplining needs to get more creative.

Being a mom is the most entertaining job in the world. You never really know what you are going to get. I’ve (unfortunately) read books on how to make your child a robot, blogs on what to do to keep your kids entertained during long term bad weather, forums on how to treat/deal with issues and my favorite buzzfeeds lists of hilarious mistakes and sayings that kids have subjected onto their parents. All of these things that I have taken in during the past 4 years and I have learned every single kid is so similar and so stinking different but as long as you love them and make time for them they tend to turn out just fine.

And I’ll stop watching movies with violent gun scenes during the day for a few more years. dangit.

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