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Reading is a passion I kept on the back burner for the last 4 years. Something about 2 small boys makes it harder to escape into other worlds. Like most things in parenthood we adapt and overcome! I’ve adapted to reading on mobile devices, waking up early and carrying a book with me constantly incase I find the rare parking-lot-nap. So here are the books from this year- thus far.

Kids books:

Marcel the Shell The Most Surprised I Have Ever Been- I picked this book out because of the art and simple, fun to read sentences but after finding out that there are videos, hilarious videos, Marcel has become a true character to me and is one of my favorite books to read to the boys.

Alice in Wonderland- always a fan of the BabyLit books this one is at the top of the list because it focuses on colors.

Honk Honk Beep Beep- picked this board book out for Willem at Target because it featured a red jeep. It is pretty fun to read and Willem has really taken to the “honk honk beep beep” part.

Iphone: I never thought I’d be a fan of reading books on my phone but when you have a baby or toddler it is a Godsend. I love reading books while nursing Willem to sleep because it keeps my screen dark, preventing distraction and it gives me something to do besides fall asleep with him. Not only does it do a great job keeping me awake, I often end up staying longer than usual so I can finish my chapter. There is some slight carpel tunnel pain once in a while but the pain is worth it. A kindle or iPad isn’t the same because it isn’t as easily held and it will hurt your baby more when it does slip out of your hand and onto their head.

Right now I’m reading the Divergent series on my phone, it’s an easy read that keeps me interested and awake. I am halfway through the 3rd book and I started the first one at the beginning of January.

Library books: I borrowed two books from the library

1. Gone Girl- decent book, wonderful writing, okay story. Good twists but nothing terribly unpredictable, the ending made it worth it to me.

2. In the Kingdom of Ice- I’d been looking forward to reading this for a while but only 3 chapters in and a week into my checkout I had an email saying it was overdue. Apparently you can only keep in-demand books for a single week. The library is now useless to my reading needs.

Paperbacks: My old love and forever favorite. I started the year with the intention of reading early in the morning by my window, coffee in hand. This works some of the time. I’m burning through books somehow still.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter- this is my second attempt at this book. It’s not that it is uninteresting, just slowish. I’ve not picked it up in 2 weeks and made it 2 chapters further than last time.

The Power of One- This is the book I’m currently on as it came very highly recommended by a helpful lady at my local book store. I’m enjoying it so far and looking forward to going back and buying more as it’s such a great shop.

Other books that I’ve gone through recently:

Orphan Train- Great easy read, I’d recommend for a trip or vacation as it doesn’t take up all your attention but is still good.

Beautiful You- I haven’t finished because I kept thinking “Really?” it’s turning out to be a better written 50 Shades but I’m determined to finish for Palahniuk’s twists.

Middlesex (finally)- Best read in recent history, glad I went back to it.

Lets Explore Diabetes with Owls- Funny and short stories are great to read when you never know how long you have to actually read.

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