The Jeep Wave


This summer Chad (finally) sold his not snow worthy truck for a very snow worthy Jeep Wrangler. This new vehicle has been a wonderful toy and tool for exploration for our family. It has taken us on adventures picking wild raspberries, driving through large puddles of cow-shit-smelling water, taking us to sights otherwise unseen and showing us our boys are fearless of swift moving streams.

One of the greatest surprises of owning a Jeep is learning about the “Jeep wave.” This is an obvious form of recognition, a highly visible wave, from any other passing jeep. You could be heading different directions across 6 lanes of traffic and you better believe that Jeep will visibly  acknowledge your shared enthusiasm of driving on unimproved roads, it’s it’s not a finger-lift wave, its a full arm, elbow moving wave. This wave does not pertain to all Jeeps, only those that are actually used for intended fun uses. If you drive a brand new Jeep that is constantly clean and you keep all doors and lids on I’m sorry you will probably not experience the Jeep wave, it is assumed your Jeep does not leave pavement. Do not fret though, because with a simple removal of doors, addition of a little mud and maybe a water can on the back you are automatically welcomed into the club of people who like to have fun driving.

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