Playing Favorites With My Kids


Sometimes one of my kids does something amazingly cute, or says something amazingly cute, or simply just walks in a cute way and I think to myself “Oh my, he is the best, he’s my favorite of the little people I live with.” I relish the moment and begin to think about the other kid. Honestly there is always something equally as cute and I think “How can I ever pick a favorite, look how amazing he is as well!” It’s a vicious circle of not being able to pick one, though thankfully, one does not need to be picked.

Before we had Willem we wondered if we could ever love him as much as we did Harper, obviously we did and still do. It’s crazy how that really does work.

Example 1: Tonight after Willem fell asleep Harper got out of bed and chatted with me. He was super sweet, asking about the new baby, we talked about feeding babies with bottles and discussed his diaper changing duties (he’s to grab diapers and wipes as needed but I will do the actually changing). Eventually I forced our chat to an end and walked him back to bed thinking about how much I loved that time with him and he is definitely my favorite, when I saw Willem fast asleep in bed in the pajamas he picked out and put on himself my heart melted fully- no way could I pick one kid over the other.

Example 2: When I leave the house to do errands, I always offer to take a kid, one kid is always easier than 2 when leaving the house. Willem is very easy to take out and behaves wonderfully in public so I feel like I would favor him. Harper is not nearly as well-behaved and can tend to be crazy in public but he’s fun! I love talking to him and I love when he says “hi” to random people, even conversations in the car can be highly entertaining so I love taking him as well.

Chad on the other hand has an easy time picking favorites, just yesterday he blatently claimed one of them as his favorite (I can’t tell you here incase the boys read this when they are older) and he had a valid reason for it. He didn’t say he loved this kid more, he just preferred spending time with him more that day.

I also know my parents played favorites, sure they loved us equally, but there is/was some definite favoritism as there is in most families. Any seasoned parent (one whose kids are grown) will inform you that some kids just make it easier on you, then you tend to “favor” them as the others see it. I’m waiting to see if this is true for me because as of now I have a somewhat sickening preference for both of my kids. Maybe their young age and innocence just makes them equally endearing to me? I’ll let you know in another 5 years if it’s turning true or not.

One thought on “Playing Favorites With My Kids

  1. I love your blog…of course I’m your mom so I’m a little biased. It makes me wish I had written a diary of my life and yours as you were growing up..the years pass so quickly and memories face. I’m sure your boys will cherish these stories when they get older

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