Harpers First Bad Word


Part of the reason I started this blog or online journal was to enable to permentatly putting down some of the stories from my kids growing up. I feel like I have a new one at least every other day so I should be writing more…. but I have kids and they keep me too busy (they are always the best excuse).

On Saturday Chad took me in the backyard “I have to tell you something, come here.” Harper attempted to follow but Chad shooed him back inside. “While you were gone we where sitting on the couch watching tv. I said shoot and Harper said:

“Dad, dad, hold on. Quiet (meaning pause the tv). Want to hear something?”

“buuuuullll sheeeeet”

Then he smiled.

Chad took a moment no gather himself (in order not to bust out laughing). And told Harper that wasn’t an appropriate phrase for a kid, that we don’t say those words and they are considered bad words. What more could he say?

Later that afternoon in the car I asked Harper what he did with his dad while I was gone and he repeated the words. I reinforced that we don’t say that, I better not hear him say it again and that the next time he hears Max (the neighbor boy who taught him those words) say it that he should tell Max that those aren’t nice words to use either.

To be perfectly honest Harper has been saying “hot damn” for the last 6 months thanks to the Bruno Mars song but I suppose we don’t really consider “damn” as bad as “bull shit” especially considering the context.

Still, it was an interesting parenting milestone.

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