Christmas Letter 2015

I always thought I’d look forward to writing a Christmas letter, truth is I ended up loathing it. Just one more thing to send out in the snail mail. I’d have to write it up, analyze it, add photos, order prints, buy stamps… no thanks. That being said 2015 was a nice year despite some bumps (leak in the roof) and sadness (losing my grandmother) so I’ll recap for those who enjoy reading letters as they drift into the mail as I so moderately do.

Chad– Chad has made leaps and bounds in his career at Rapid City Regional Hospital. In July he was awarded Employee of the Month after only 15 months in his position and out of 10,000 employees. He also took a second position at the RAU or rapid admissions unit. He has really enjoyed the RAU and they have been good to him (he had all major holidays  off!) and now they are working on expanding the unit as well as giving the nurses more direct responsibilities making it an even better place to be for his career. Chad didn’t get to go mountain biking much, weather and schedule had a lot to do with this, but we did squeeze in a lot of family camping and time exploring the lakes on our stand up paddle board, he was also able to really dive back into climbing over the summer. As the weather cooled he was forced home more where he has been renovating a fort/swingset for the boys as well as house projects like a barn-wood bar and taking down kitchen cabinets for me.

Harper– Harper is in 2 preschools this year. He continues his communication preschool that he has been at since turning 3. His speech has come far and we are proud of his progress but we worry it has come too far: from a pretty much non-verbal child to one who rarely knows how to be quiet and has picked up a couple not-so-nice words. He has also started a private preschool in order to further help him prep for kindergarden, he loves this preschool and refers to it as “big preschool” where he gets turns at being captain, gets to go on field trips and plenty of time to play outside. He has made many friends this year in his preschools as well as at church. He even has one friend that is a girl (Harper is not a big fan of girls for those that don’t know) he sometimes refers to her as his “girlfriend” and other times as his “sister.”

Willem– Willem has been the epitome of a two-year old. He’s sassy and smart. In November he potty trained so that’s big news. He loves following Harper around, doing whatever Harper is doing and eventually hitting Harper. Luckily he is very laid back still and will just hang out with me. We’ve really enjoyed our alone time together while Harper is at preschool. Every day as soon as we drop Harper off Willem orders me to go to the grocery store, he just likes getting to do things alone with me I think. Well, that and it’s a store full of food.

Me– Maybe this is why I hate writing Christmas letters, what do I write about myself? 2015 was great? It kind of was, the camping and paddle boarding was great, I loved really stepping into the role of stay at home mom including all the drop offs, soccer games and tons of trips to the park. In May I took the boys to Arizona then to Mississippi to see my mother get married. We had a great time, a total adventure including a early morning ER run and both boys seeing the ocean for the first time. I started remodeling the bathroom and hope to finish it in 2016 (haha). I finished painting the interior of our house (though now it needs a lot of touch ups thanks to some boys scratching off paint on almost every wall upstairs). Obviously I’ve spent half of the year pregnant so I definitely slowed down a lot. My garden was originally destroyed by an early hail storm but we replanted and still had some success, learned from some mistakes.

All in all a good year for us. Looking forward we see Harper turning 5! And myself turning 30! Yikes. And of course welcoming a new baby boy, names still pending. Once it warms up we will spend even more time in the forest, at the lake, letting the boys get dirty and muddy but until then we still have plenty to do and prep for in our little Main Street house.

If you took the time to read yet another mundane Christmas letter then I’ll at least wish you a Happy New Year, may your 2016 be filled with caffeine (because it rhymes, and coffee is good).

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