So Wednesday’s huh?

I’m sitting outside my boys door right now, as they take turns sneaking up to the door. They need to be sleeping, staying in bed, but I’ve already made threats and followed through with them so what else can I do but stand guard at the door?

By the way I just spent the last 25 minutes unlocking my own bedroom door which they so nicely locked me out of when I told them it was bedtime.  

I wish it was my bed time.
On today’s date in my planner I had written “Free Day!!!!” so promisingly. This meant that besides preschool pick up and drop off I had no engagements. I had big plans on organizing, cleaning and mostly working on paint touch ups and other fixes in the bathroom I had started in September. I thought the kids would play nicely downstairs and outside bothering me only for snacks and drinks.

I couldn’t have been more wrong because they never once went outside or downstairs. Every time I suggested it they would say “no I just want to be with you.” Sweet to a point. 

I barely got a single load of dishes done.

But we did do some yoga together!

And we did a big floor puzzle, well Harper did it while I cheered him on with hints.

They played nicely with toys together, then broke a glass and spilled my coffee.

Willem sang a Doc mcstuffins song 500 times.

I found them both in my bed where Chad was sleeping, reading in the dark. Willem was reading “Brown Bear Brown Bear” word for word but holding the book “Honk Honk Beep Beep.”

I didn’t put up a very big fight when Harper insisted on wearing his shirt backwards, even to preschool, and his boots on the wrong feet.

My free day wasn’t so free and that’s okay. It has to be. I’m greatful for my phone, the window to the world, my book I can hold and flip pages with one hand, my instant camera to capture random moments. I don’t know how moms before smart phones held it all together. 

My monkeys are still jumping on their beds- and today was a failure according to my plans- but I still loved it. Still greatful for my time with these boys. 


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