Birth Tradition


When I had Harper my sister brought me a batch of cranberry, white chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies. Harper was born at 6:30pm, I ate ever item of food on the tray they brought be for dinner a few hours later and settled in for the night. Around 2am all of my adrenalin wore off and I was STARVING. why had no one had warned me about the insane post birth hunger!? Too nervous to ask my nurse to find me something to eat and I didn’t want to wake Chad, who was already lucky to be sleeping on the lightly padded bench, I had remembered the cookies my sister brought and ate each and every one of them there on the edge of my hospital bed washing it down with mini sprite’s that my nurse had stocked me up on.

When I had Willem I made another batch, it was possibly the most important item I had packed in my hospital bag. This time I shared with Chad and ate them much faster as Willem was born at midnight when the cafeteria was closed. My sweet nurses tried to bring as much food as possible but I told them no worries as I had that covered. No jello or vending machines for me.

Today I made some for baby 3. Yeah, they are going to sit in the freezer for 2 more months but I couldn’t care less about cooking and baking while pregnant so I seized the day. Of course I put away at least 20 for the birthday.

I specifically make the same cookies not necessarily out of complete nostalgia. Oatmeal in them I learned is great for milk production and perhaps thanks to the eating of an entire batch of oatmeal cookies after a birth my milk has always come in quickly. Also, while I don’t love the Ocean Spray recipe (that is to say it’s good but it’s not the most delicious cookie ever) it’s perfect because it isn’t too sweet or overpowering, almost just like sweet bread with delicious cranberries of course making it easier to want to eat more.

Again while I’m not overly nostalgic it is nice that no matter how this birth ends up, how similar or different the experience may be, this single thing will be the same. Well, and the fact that we are having another boy.


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