Hormones: waiting for paint 

Harper said a bad word last week. A REALLY bad word. One I very rarely say. When I asked him about it he said “you say it sometimes during the day.” I was fairly confident that I don’t really. 

I am currently waiting for a can of paint for the 4th time this week, 3rd time today. While in the car this time (I am currently waiting for my last can) I was livid. With the lady that kept helping me (and made me late to pick up Harper), with friends, with myself- I was so mad that when I pulled into the parking lot I dreamed of running into all the sheds because I felt like destroying something.

I’m like the hulk on these pregnancy hormones… So maybe I have said a few bad words lately. I can control urges but apparently controlling my face: both mouth and eyes is proving a little more difficult. 

I try not to complain about pregnancy but holy smokes the hormones have a hold on me so if I’ve been mean, offensive or dropped an f word in your presence l, I’m sorry.

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