I’ve been wondering lately if people asked Mary (mother of God) what she did? Did she have an outlet? Besides being a mother WHO was she, what was her purpose?

There’s this new wave of individualism that I’ve been feeling. It’s a rat race of branding yourself, setting yourself apart from the pack by what you “do” : your talent, art or outlet. Who you are based on what you do for you. I don’t love the way it feels, like we are one-upping or searching for whatever comes next and not relishing the moments of where we are now:: who we are now instead of what we are becoming.

A few months ago I took the deliberate step away from teaching yoga (still teaching Sat mornings), I did this mostly due to a change in Chad’s schedule but also as a choice to slow down my own life in order to focus more on being a mother. I am enjoying the slow down, it is a luxury I never afforded my mind to even step towards before.

There are so many windows of life that I enjoy, so many things I can do, that I love to do but the thing that comes before all others is being a mother, it’s what takes up the majority of my time, my thoughts, it’s the thing about me that will never change. While I have other dreams and outlets, it may just be that my main purpose in this life is to be a mother to my sons and there is no shame in that. So the next time I’m asked what I “do” for me, what makes me an individual, I will answer with no shame that I’m a mom to 3 very busy boys and I might not claim to do anything else and that is more than okay.

Especially because my kids are awesome. Most of them. Most days.


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