Change of Season, Change of View


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August may have been the busiest month of our lives. We felt things were happening and then, they happened all at the same time. Somehow, we’ve come out the other end and tomorrow is September, it’s fall(ish), and it’s (hopefully) time to slow down a little. If you haven’t heard much from us, or seen us this last month, here’s a little highlight reel:

  • Sturgis Rally was amazing, it’s rough and crazy but so much fun and definitely an experience
  • I’m on my second head cold this month.
  • My nephew (and his parents) came to visit, can’t wait to see them again!
  • We moved everything we owned in 2 days. (I can’t thank our helpers enough)
  • We became landlords.
  • We bought our (fixer upper) dream home! (don’t be surprised if this turns into more of a house blog.)
  • We filmed a national tv show. (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it airs)
  • Harper started second grade. (He cried and asked to be homeschooled in the morning, came home saying “that was way more fun than I thought it would be!”)
  • Willem started kindergarten! Of course, he was amazing and as cute as ever.
  • I started my masters program.
  • Chad accepted his new (and favorite) position at the hospital as a coordinator. (If you see him, tell him you’re excited for him, I’ve said that probably 100x’s to him since I found out.)

As exciting as it was, I’m glad August is coming to a close and I’m looking forward to slipping quietly into autumn, so, here’s to September, fall and slowing down.

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