Don’t Watch Munich at 2pm on a Sunday


Random but cute photo. Sorry, not sorry.

“Pew Pew Pew” Harper shoots at me. After which I do not pretend to die but instead turn off the movie I was watching, Munich. He shot me after soldiers where shooting at terrorist in a bloody but dark battle in the movie. Not the best choice for a mid-day movie with impressionable kids around but I’m not a mom that wants to sit and watch The Wiggles with them *though I do enjoy singing with The Wiggles*.

Motherhood is filled with fun mistakes that might scar mentally and/or physically those that we love so much.

Willem has learned that if he hits his brother he then has to apologize with a hug. Now he basically walks up to Harper and it goes like this: hit, hit, hug. Basically he has learned that as long as he hugs he can hurt. Oh boy. My disciplining needs to get more creative.

Being a mom is the most entertaining job in the world. You never really know what you are going to get. I’ve (unfortunately) read books on how to make your child a robot, blogs on what to do to keep your kids entertained during long term bad weather, forums on how to treat/deal with issues and my favorite buzzfeeds lists of hilarious mistakes and sayings that kids have subjected onto their parents. All of these things that I have taken in during the past 4 years and I have learned every single kid is so similar and so stinking different but as long as you love them and make time for them they tend to turn out just fine.

And I’ll stop watching movies with violent gun scenes during the day for a few more years. dangit.

Out and About, Spearfish Style

It has been an interesting summer. We’ve moved, fought illness, tried to settle into a new home and routine. In all of the stuff we’ve been stuck doing we haven’t had much time to get outside. Being outside is one of the things that makes Chad and I tick so when we get stuck doing things or even being outside separately we just don’t feel like we are living life how we truly want to. Therefor, even though Chad had been under the weather Friday, I was adamant about getting outside on Saturday. I’m pretty sure Harper hasn’t been for a hike since I was (very) pregnant with Willem and we were all missing out because Harper LOVED the “walk” so much that he actually never walked but instead ran the entire trail of Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon. The only time he stopped was to hide on the side of the trail in order to scare me.

Roughlock Falls is a little over an hour away from our house in Spearfish Canyon, a local attraction that is normally pretty popular this time of year for all the changing colors. The trail is fairly short and excellent for small children. Even around the falls and the water walk out there is railings that are 3 year old boy proof. The end is pretty to look at also.

After a quick lunch in the back of the Subi we headed over to my grandparents new place. Willem is getting better about not needing me, even went on a walk with Grandpa.

Then we went to the Spearfish pumpkin patch. The patch has some great activities for kids, a hay jump (stacks of hay piled high with old mattresses at the bottom for cushioning. This must be a midwest thing because I had never heard of it until we moved here), a corn sand box which is great for playing with tractors and dump trucks, and a little jungle gym made of old tires and ropes. Both boys had a blast. The pumpkins were not the best price or quality but they are actually grown right there and hay (haha), you pay for the experience of it all right?

When I asked Harper later what his favorite part of the day was, he said going for a walk. I guess that means we will be heading out somewhere new shortly, especially while we still have mild temps here.

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I like to eat eat eat apples and bacon

Over and over I think about what an awesome housewife I would be and really, I would. B U T, we need health insurance. Alas, I work. ( also I’m having this weird thing lately where I use renaissance words like alas).
So besides having my own (seriously lacking in useful tools) kitchen and an amazing supply of fruits and vegetables from family member’s gardens I love experimenting, discovering and creating all of which I am channeling into cooking and baking. You might have read earlier about how I was becoming frustrated with my husbands lack of enthusiasm over my “slaving” aka mad sciencing in the kitchen and I’m happy to update that we’ve had some successes!
1. Oven fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and salad. While this was pretty simple and straight-forward for some reason he loved it and gushed that we need to make food like that more often (therefor making me jog more often to make up for the butter/gravy intake).
2. Crepes. This is really nothing special (although I add vanilla) but the great thing about crepes is that you can put anything you want on them! So with nutella and raspberries on top of these suckers are near heaven. I should also add that I had never so much as flipped a pancake before making crepes but it was super easy and yummy.
3. The most amazing squash ever. I had a rather large autumn squash from my aunt that was so big I seriously could not see us eating the whole thing. Thanks to google that squash was gone. Basically I cooked it in the usual: butter, brown sugar, maple syrup and cinnamon. The thing that made it was I then laid bacon strips on top of the squash. My God what a glorious thing bacon is. Incroyable! (I forget how to spell my French words)

Today I picked way too many apples. I just pulled out an apple crisp from my oven my house smells so freaking fantastic it makes me loathe the fake-ness that candles are.
Speaking of candles, I am thankful for them in some cases such as when my husband eats pickled herring and then breaths all over the house.

I have more apples and more squash including a pumpkin so more experimenting to come. I’m going to attempt pumpkin pie from scratch next week. Ho boy. Yeah. And I buy/go through too much butter. Oh and we found a butcher shop so we will have good, free range meat!

Other awesome things going on? Leaves are changing colors, baby boy is standing without holding on to something, I think there’s a pow wow coming up and who knows what fall will bring. But we love this place and maybe someday we will buy a house here and I can be a housewife.