First of the Month List

pexels-photo-295826.jpegLife Pro Tip: make yourself a first of the month list.

I’m not sure how I didn’t think of this concept before my mom shared it with me last year. Having a small checklist of things to look at/check into and clean due all on the same day has helped me remember these easily ignored and forgotten chores.

Here’s the basic concept: make a list of important chores to do that you either don’t like to do often or often forget to do.

You don’t have to use my list, it’s just an example of the things I try to do on/around the first of the month. Also it doesn’t have to be the first, sometimes if I know I’m going to be busy I do it in the days before, if I don’t feel like it I do it during the week later, the first of the month is really just a term I use in order to remember the general time frame of the last time I did it. Here is my list, it’s not long, I don’t like to overwhelm myself.

  • change the air filter, I do buy 60-90 day filters but doing this on the 1st even helps keep track of how old it is.
  • clean dryer lint trap-not the one in the dryer, or even the one on the inside tube (if you life in a cold weather climate you know), I’m talking about the one that’s outside the house, the one that’s easy to forget exists until your clothes are suddenly not getting as dry.
  • scrub floors-My floors get cleaned more then once a month but once a month I get down on my hands and knees and scrub, I also move ALL the furniture and clean underneath (why does no one tell me they spilled a juice box behind/under the couch!)
  • clean front door and back door- both mine are glass, sometimes this happens more often.
  • wash/clean rugs- I hate this chore but love the results
  • journal updates on my kids- which I should do more often

I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas on what to add to my first (week) of the month list. And if you need some motivation:::

I like to eat eat eat apples and bacon

Over and over I think about what an awesome housewife I would be and really, I would. B U T, we need health insurance. Alas, I work. ( also I’m having this weird thing lately where I use renaissance words like alas).
So besides having my own (seriously lacking in useful tools) kitchen and an amazing supply of fruits and vegetables from family member’s gardens I love experimenting, discovering and creating all of which I am channeling into cooking and baking. You might have read earlier about how I was becoming frustrated with my husbands lack of enthusiasm over my “slaving” aka mad sciencing in the kitchen and I’m happy to update that we’ve had some successes!
1. Oven fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and salad. While this was pretty simple and straight-forward for some reason he loved it and gushed that we need to make food like that more often (therefor making me jog more often to make up for the butter/gravy intake).
2. Crepes. This is really nothing special (although I add vanilla) but the great thing about crepes is that you can put anything you want on them! So with nutella and raspberries on top of these suckers are near heaven. I should also add that I had never so much as flipped a pancake before making crepes but it was super easy and yummy.
3. The most amazing squash ever. I had a rather large autumn squash from my aunt that was so big I seriously could not see us eating the whole thing. Thanks to google that squash was gone. Basically I cooked it in the usual: butter, brown sugar, maple syrup and cinnamon. The thing that made it was I then laid bacon strips on top of the squash. My God what a glorious thing bacon is. Incroyable! (I forget how to spell my French words)

Today I picked way too many apples. I just pulled out an apple crisp from my oven my house smells so freaking fantastic it makes me loathe the fake-ness that candles are.
Speaking of candles, I am thankful for them in some cases such as when my husband eats pickled herring and then breaths all over the house.

I have more apples and more squash including a pumpkin so more experimenting to come. I’m going to attempt pumpkin pie from scratch next week. Ho boy. Yeah. And I buy/go through too much butter. Oh and we found a butcher shop so we will have good, free range meat!

Other awesome things going on? Leaves are changing colors, baby boy is standing without holding on to something, I think there’s a pow wow coming up and who knows what fall will bring. But we love this place and maybe someday we will buy a house here and I can be a housewife.