First day of the Whole 30 was (not) an easy one

We decided to try the Whole 30 cleanse on a bit of a whim. It’s a cleanse that cuts out all dairy, sugar, grains and wheat. Chad has off and on gut issues and I have a serious sugar addiction so we thought why the hell not. and now. I’m so tired! Starting this “cleanse” I knew I needed to kick my sugar habit but didn’t realize it was so bad. I thought about sugar all the time the first day, wondering why exactly I was depriving myself, thinking about adding just a pump of syrup to my coffee, talking to God. On my way home from work I was sure I was going crazy bargaining and obsessing over sugar thinking things like “I wonder if there’s such a thing as dried grapes, that would be a good snack (pause) oh yeah raisins, maybe not.”

But I made it through that first day. (and now the second)

What have I learned so far?

*I am highly addicted to sugar

*I feel physically lighter because I don’t have carbs and grains bogging me down

*Sugar crashes suck

*I eat a lot when I can’t eat carbs

*It’s easy to snack on veggies and fruits with out additives (like dressings)

*Home made mayo is delicious

I did spend more at the grocery store and we are eating more but so far it’s worth it. Here’s what I made on the first day:

chocolate chili

dairy free mayo

mini quiches with kale, bacon and peppers

an amazing salad with dressing made from the mayo



tchenImage ImageImage