Coffee, tea or me


Found this gem at the local thrift sore during happy hour (12-1 is half off time). I was first drawn to it by the pretty design and bright colors, yup it was a shiny object. While I do NEED cute tins to store my teas and herbs, it was the label that convinced me to spend my two hard earned quarters on this little tin.
“Coffee, tea or me?” Is not only a cute little flirt it’s also the reason I was called into the principal’s office as a freshman in high school. I was in student council and it was my line while portraying a flight attendant in a pep assembly. Apparently innuendos are not appropriate in high school, other lines that you could get in trouble for include: “mom I swear the chaperones were there” (pregnant teen) and “money here money there money in my underwear” (a male stripper).

Other things I found during happy hour: Lincoln or linkin logs (I don’t know which it is so it’s probably both), a toilet trivia book, an awesome Aztec sweater and 2 pretty tea tins (made in England btw) all for $10- it’s a win.




I love tea. I got this at a local health food store where you can buy loose leaf tea by the ounce. This is raspberry chocolate black tea, perfect for our first day of fall weather.